Description of the job of caretaker in the house in

Carlockstreet, Lamacan, Argao Cebu

latest modification: january 25, 2011



General: the house and lot has to be maintained, secured and kept clean, its guests have to be cared for

Most of the stated ideas and rules are common sense for that job, others the specific wish of the owner






Argao is a very safe place. But a house without inhabitants is an invitation of unwanted persons. So it is important to show presence. This is the reason why we need a caretaker who lives in that house.

In the case of absent of the caretaker, we have to be informed about the reason and length of absence. 

All doors have to be locked, 1st storey windows have to be closed.


At beginning of the darkness, the four outer lamps must be switched on, to prevent possible intruders of coming unseen. In the morning these lamps must me switched off again to save electricity. At night time, the moving sensor lights should be switched on and all outer doors must be locked and checked (main entrance, sliding door and upper veranda door).


The master bedroom has be be locked at all time except for the time of cleaning. Same with the door of the upper veranda.


Access to the house is only granted to persons authorized by us. These persons are:

Felipa and Felipe Espina, Noel, Cathy and Ermielyn Espina, Warlito Taglinao, Mark Caballies, the children of the caretaker. No other persons can enter the house except with our agreement or the agreement of Warlito Taglinao or Mark Caballies in their presence.


The reason for that is to prevent thieves and tricky people and for the security of the people living in the house.





The house must be kept in a condition like ‘brand new’. That includes everything like floor, painting, furniture, bath etc.


The floor must be swept every day in the morning to keep it clean from dust. Once a month the concrete parts must be waxed. Once a week the polisher must be used on it. The floor is supposed to be shiny.


The bathrooms must be kept in a perfect condition which means they have to look like just installed. No dirt, no hairs. If a bathroom is not used for a longer period, flush the toilet and test the water taps (faucets) while cleaning the room.


Dust or dirt on any furniture – in the kitchen or in the bedrooms – have to be removed. The furniture has to be cleaned outside and inside. Cleanliness is even more important in the kitchen. The refrigerator has to be kept in a perfect clean condition. The garbage has to be removed after each meal. Every effort has to be made to prevent ants in the house. If any ants are spotted, the source has to be found and eliminated.


The windows and the air grids must be dusted off regularly.


Any damages have to be repaired. If repair is not possible, the damages have to be reported to the owners.

There is Internet available in the house. If it is not used, the router should be switched off and kept in a place where it is safe from damage (like rain through the jalousy window). Take special care for the computer. It is the communication tool to the owners. Use it only one hour a day for private concerns. Ants (maligas and atitute) are a big threat to electronics. Watch out and keep it very clean and safe.




The garden has to be kept clean and free of dogs and parasites (afids). In dry times the garden has to be watered twice a day. The grass has to be kept short with scissors and the lawn-mover and the hyum hyum have to be removed including the roots. The lawn-mover has to be kept clean after each usage, like all tools have to be kept tidy and clean.


It is helpful for the kitchen to grow spices like chilly, lemon grass, kalamansi, basil leaves, sangig, etc.


The veranda outside has to be cleaned like the carport and the path around the house. Dead leaves must be removed.


Be especially careful with the lemon bush in front of the veranda. It produces valuable spicy leaves.




Every Wednesday the municipal garbage truck comes and collects the waste. It is important to take all necessary steps, that the workers pick up the waste. In case of any problems report to us. The garbage from the kitchen must be put outside on a daily basis.


Service to guests


If guests stay in the house and they ask for a meal, cooking it belongs to the duties. It is important to find out what the guests like to eat and to shop for it and prepare it in the correct quantity.


Washing the clothes of the visitors including ironing.


Informing the guests and communication is another important service. It is also important to keep the owners up to date about the status of the house. If there is no change and nothing special happened even that is to be reported in an at least monthly message.




It is not allowed to let people enter the house without authorisation of the owner

No own business of any kind! For example no selling of ice, no caring for children, no cooking for others, no laundry service, etc.


No borrowing of anything to anyone. Never borrow glasses, chairs, plates, knifes, tools, bikes, car or anything. Things tend to be lost or damaged. If someone is asking, say it is a strict order of the owners.


No smoking – the house is a no smoking area, applicable for all




A certain amount of cash must be administrated. The electricity and the Internet has to be paid, a lamp has to be changed or floor wax must be bought. It is also for smaller repairs, visit to the doctor, for communication purposes or anything ordered by the owner. For that you will be given some funds. All funds have to remain in the cash. Each purchase must be attested by an invoice. A list with all expenses must be made and show the actual state of cash. No funds are allowed to be used for other purposes or borrowed.